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High Profit from High Value Recovery & Recycling

This twelve year old manufacturing business delivers a particular, high-quality timber product solution to market which has always been in demand and always will be.

A classic residential and commercial architectural product underpins the offering incorporating authentic recovery and recycling benefits, with very significant value-add. The operation for sale is part of a wider business which is pre-eminent in its field and extremely well recognised by designers, specifiers and consumers alike.

This genuinely once-off opportunity arises as a result of a clever revision of business strategy which, by virtue of the sale, will bring much greater focus, care and attention to the manufacturing arm. The current owner will then focus 100% on the front end of the business, further benefitting the manufacturing enterprise. The new owner will enjoy a robust supply agreement while being free to trade with current and future customers who require access to the same unique products.

Operationally, the business takes raw material from highly qualified sources, processing and adding value before sending a range of stock and custom product out the front door.

There is an experienced team in place, including operational management, such that, a new owner has a choice as to whether they work 'on the tools' or not.

Extensive plant & equipment is absolutely fit for purpose and has capacity well beyond the current level of production. The operation is self-contained, reliable and nimble. There is ample opportunity to add new products to the range which the current owner has not had the time to undertake.

Because the vendor will rely on a continuous supply of quality product from the new owner, the purchaser will need to demonstrate appropriate business fit and capability.

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Price $495,000 including estimated stock value $200,000

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