CBD Corporate Café. 70kg+ Coffee!

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This one's a stunner! All corporate cafes (in decent buildings) are great but this one is extremely well done.

It has a superb fit out and a great kitchen (pretty rare in the CBD) so it is able to pump out the catering nicely.

70kg to 80kg a week is nothing to be sniffed at either!! Sales are around $23k per week on average and, of course, this is just a 5 day operation. Rent is under 9% and other costs are well controlled.

The owner does work here and, to own this place, you MUST have good cafe; experience and want to be an owner-operator. As a reward you can look forward to a surplus of over $230,000 per annum$23,000 per week on average70kg to 80kg coffee per weekPrestigious building and locationExcellent catering opportunitiesHigh-end fit out

OK so what's the catch at this price? Well 2 things, I guess. Firstly the Landlord will be fussy about who you are. They want the best! Also there are plans afoot to do some renovations to the building. When this will happen, no one knows! It is unlikely in the near future and the impact will not be long term but there could be some impact.

At this price do we really care? This makes over $230,000 a year and the asking price is just $249,000!!!

This one definitely will not last.

Asking $249,000 plus stock

Reference: EL01914
Ref: EL01914
Timestamp: 20190618064537

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