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Already a very successful business with an established repeat customer base and historical financial accounts to evidence the fact that for the last 5 years or more the sales, as well as the resulting profitability, reflect not only an underlying "financial stability", which will give the new owner a level of comfort from day 1 in terms of the security of his investment, but also displays good growth potential as the business continues to grow year on year.

The current owner who has 'past retirement age' is keen to ensure a smooth transition of ownership. Nevertheless, it is clear that someone with youthful enthusiasm, mental and physical drive can take this business to new heights.

The business has great staff who work 5 + days a week depending upon demand although the owner, usually works at most 5 days a week. Good location - not too far out West, the business has been going more than 40 + years and is in the process of developing its own product (s) with patent (s) in progress and the current owner will assist with the finalisation with that development if that would help a new owner. Some finance may be available if required.

Showing a profit of in excess of $180,000, what sort of annual return on investment is that? Would it take 2 years or less to recover your original investment?

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