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How does owning your own gym sound? Imagine if it had a fantastic brand, great systems, and you didn't have to pay ongoing franchise fees. Zenith Fitness is just such an opportunity and its coming to a town like yours.

In 2013 Steve and Liz created the Zenith Fitness brand and set up their first gym in Palmerston North. They wanted to create a gym for the people, not some franchised beast that felt impersonal.

The gym was a massive success, and they sold it in 2017 for close to $1m. They now want to see the Zenith brand grow throughout NZ and offer their assistance to help like-minded people own their own gym.

This is a non franchised opportunity where you will own your gym outright, with no ongoing franchise fees.

Steve and Liz have learned how best to set up a gym, and they will guide you through the process of:

- Finding the right location and landlord
- What equipment to get and how to set it up
- Assistance with getting the gym set up and running, with members signing up
- Marketing to drive growth
- How to finance some of the set up costs.

This is a unique opportunity in the market and opportunities are available through most of NZ. If you dream of owning your own gym but are not sure where to start this is the opportunity for you.

Price $60,000 + GST

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