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Like cars, like people and want to work for yourself. Think you have got what it takes, then read on.

This one will earn the working Owner really good money -
A good income, a good life and an enjoyable working environment and a good investment. Every car out on hire, is putting money in your pocket, even when you are not at work. When you go on holiday, you are still earning. How many can say that.
It has obviously worked for the current Owner - he has done it for 26 years. No one in their right mind would stay in a business for that length of time, if it wasn't worth it.
He is 70 now and would like to retire.

The CAR RENTAL business has been growing steadily over the last 10 yrs and is showing no sign of slowing and this year the trend is accelerating in this particular business. The current owner thinks the business has the potential to double or more in size, over the next 10 years.

In 26 yrs it has grown from just 9 cars to 69 cars on the fleet this summer, so has grown over 7 fold in that time. The business has lots of potential for future improvements.

There are currently 2 full time staff, who are more than capable of running the business, when the Owner wants to take time off. However as the business grows more staff will be required. The current staff are aware of the owners desire to retire and have shown no intention of leaving, - so a new Owner can really depend on them.

The Franchise company has new owners, who are proving to be forward thinking and very helpful to the Franchisees and are a real asset to the Franchisees business and this will make it easy for a new owner to come up to speed. There is a franchise operators manual with all the do and don't information and helpful guides, that is an asset to a new owner.
This Franchise has been around for many years and is now an iconic and highly regarded Franchise Brand in New Zealand. Within the franchise the various Franchisees often work together and collaborate to assist one another, which is also very helpful to a new owner.

What are the benefits to owning a CAR RENTAL Business?

If you like cars and like people, then it is an ideal working environment.
A franchise business is allied to a strong corporate image that drives clients to your business. You are earning a good income and growing your investment at the same time.

A CAR RENTAL Business has 2 streams of income.
The first obviously comes from the rental of the cars.
The second income stream comes from buying and selling cars.
You buy cars at wholesale rates, then run them in the business for profit, while depreciating thebookvalue.Youthensellthecarsontheretailmarket. InaCARRENTALBusinessthe cars are depreciated at a high level of depreciation each year. This helps with cash flow and also enables the Owner to sell the cars after depreciation, at above book value, thereby making additional income.

Thirdly, as you increase the vehicle fleet you are growing your asset base and the value of the business and therefore your investment.
What more could you want ?

What is the business priced at?

This fluctuates all the time due to the buying and selling of cars and the time of the year. The fleet numbers are at their maximum over the summer. New cars are generally bought in the spring and the older cars sold in the Autumn.

The price of the business would vary depending on the number of cars bought with the business. It is estimated the price would be $475,000 to $600,000
The owner is willing to be ...

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