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High Profile Tyre Shop 5 ½ days makes $ ¼ M p.a.

When those within the industry ask how come such a small business makes so much money, sadly they overlook the real question which should be how much money is this business capable of making?

The business, which is well established, financially stable and successful, employs just 2 staff members and only operates 5 ½ days a week selling and fitting tyres as well as other related products and services. It is in all probability one of the few success stories which doesn't really need to compete for customers - the customers come to them! If you were told that the business has the answer to attracting so much more business and to be able to do so overnight, would you be interested in growing a business like this if you owned it?

For the current owners, it isn't all about becoming bigger and more profitable, it is about balancing other interests. That balancing act is never easy whether it be turning away work or not chasing it.

The current owners have owned this business for 16 years and this is the first time they have offered the business for sale. Translated, that means this is your first, and possibly last, opportunity to acquire this business. For the year ended 31st March 2019 the business made a profit (E.B.P.I.T.D.) of in excess of $240,000.

If this business doesn't spin your wheels, then it might be time to realign your financial goals and business objectives?

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E-mail: - biz@business4me.co.nz or call 021-546-569 (but do it now!)

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