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What would you say if someone told you that here was a business that, with the right new owner, could be restructured 'literally' overnight so as to double its profitability (E.B.P.I.T.D.)? Unbelievable? Well occasionally the unbelievable happens, granted, it is only on rare occasions at best, but this is one of those rare opportunities and once you see the solution you will have no trouble whatsoever understanding and accepting the reality of this particular business.

A long established and financially successful business turning over in excess of $1 million per annum. The business can demonstrate a year on year upward trend in sales growth; unbelievable consistency in year on year gross profit margins; and an unbelievable year on year consistency in E.B.P.I.T.D. (net profitability). With the right owner that E.B.P.I.T.D. could easily be a very attractive six figure sum. Would suit someone with industry knowledge and experience.

Indeed, instead of describing this business as Iconic perhaps a more accurate description might be 'unbelievably financially predictable' which combined with that of a historically financially sound and financially successful business might redefine this from Iconic to perhaps "a once in a lifetime investment opportunity"?

Great Location; Fantastic Staff; Repeat Customer Base; the list goes on and on. Call now!

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E-mail: - biz@business4me.co.nz or call 021-546-569 (but do it now!)

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