Help & Support

Below are some helpful tips for TrueCommercial. If any of these points are not of any help to you then you're welcome to contact us.

How do I register?

Go to register at the top right of the page and follow the registration process. 

How do I login?

The login button is always present at the top right of the site.

Forgot your password?

Click here to change your password. Or to change your email, simply go to your profile page and update your details.

How do I use the Map search tools?

You can refine your search in the map view easily by using these drawing tool filters:

Select custom area – use this option to select linear points to refine a search. Simply ‘select custom area’ button, choose the key points around the area and close the shape by ending at the start point.

Draw custom area – use this option to select a general area to refine a search to. Simply select the ‘draw custom area’ button, and circle the area.

Edit – use this option to edit an existing drawing filter on the map. Simply select the ‘edit’ button and move the search to the new defined area.

For any other questions or comments:

Send us an email: