Don’t be drones – use them

3:59 PM Friday March 16, 2018 True Commercial

Aaron Smith with the drone he uses to take free aerial photos for his clients. Photo / Supplied

An apparent reluctance to embrace new technologies is holding the commercial property market back, says agent Aaron Smith who’s joined NAI Harcourts North Shore Commercial after several years with Barfoot & Thompson.

Smith believes that sales consultants who educate themselves and invest in new technologies will have the edge in the market in the immediate future.

He says he’s already demonstrated to his clients, the benefits of rejecting a “stick with what has always worked mentality” and adapting to new technology by becoming a registered drone pilot and taking aerial property photos for all his clients at no additional cost.

“It’s nowhere near enough to have a static web page and a Facebook page [to market a property]. You have to provide a benefit, a service or an impressive video,” Smith says.

He says he has a clear picture of his target market and knows how to reach it. “A little bit of time, effort and investment help connect commercial consultants with an audience of people they may have otherwise missed.”

Smith says there has been plenty of publicity and information around how other businesses are being improved or impacted by technology changes. “Companies like Airbnb and Uber have ‘disrupted’ their industries, whereas the real estate market has been relatively unchanged for decades.

“Residential sales consultants seem to understand that we need to adapt to thrive in the new marketplace; But for some reason, it’s taking the commercial sector a lot longer to change, and I think our clients would be much better served if we do.”

Smith says he’s looking forward to using his ‘technological tool kit’ to draw new listings and achieve sales successes.

To this end, he and his team, have created a technology package available to any NAI Harcourts consultant who subscribes.

“I feel really passionate about the potential of some of these tools and sharing them with the NAI Harcourts network. It’s a great feeling when you’re working with someone and they suddenly realise how a few small changes can really open up their business.”

Rob Meister, co-owner of NAI Harcourts North Shore Commercial, says the real estate team is excited by Smith’s innovative methods and what he’s bringing to the team.