East Coast Bays shared space to open soon

5:00 AM Saturday July 8, 2017 True Commercial

New co-working spaces are being established in one of the four storey buildings at Candida business park, Mairangi Bay, Auckland. Photo / Supplied

A co-working space at Candida Business Park in the Auckland suburb of Mairangi Bay — developed by flexible office space specialist, Regus — is all set to open in September.

The 760sq m space at the East Coast Bays business park is designed for businesses large and small.

It will service individuals or business groups of up to 20 people, says country manager for Regus NZ, Pierre Ferrandon.

The venue adds to the suite of properties Regus offers to companies embracing the flexible workplace concept worldwide. Ferrandon says making a flexible and mobile business work well can be a daunting task, which is why Regus exists.

“As the only truly global workplace provider our mission is to make our customers more successful and to make it easy for people and companies to do the best work of their lives,” he says.

The Candida Office Park was chosen by Regus because of its Mairangi Bay location; it is close to main arterials and the Constellation Park and Ride, allowing tenants the opportunity to avoid traffic jams by using the bus service.

JLL sales and leasing manager, David Mayhew, says the co-working concept has begun to transform the modern workplace.

“What we are seeing are more big businesses coming on board with the satellite office idea; our North Shore team will be one of the first tenants for the space as we can see the benefits of concept. Smaller businesses or individuals benefit from having the use of high quality space with no lease commitments.

True Commercial - Meeting Booth Candida Business Park - artist%27s impression.jpg

This artist’s concept depicts meeting booths within the co-working space. Photo / Supplied

“One of the benefits of co-working space is the efficiency aspect,” says Mayhew. “Time traditionally spent in a car can be reclaimed by moving to the co-working concept. The Regus space at the Candida Office Park has been set up specifically to attract workers from Auckland’s North Shore who commute to work in the CBD. The time workers gain from this can allow them to go to the gym or spend more time with their families as well as working in an environment with people from various other businesses.”

Regus has a global network which serves 2.3m customers, in 3000 locations, across more than 100 countries. Those with a fixed-term contract with Regus can utilise any of the Regus facilities worldwide, or if no contract is in place, the space can be booked using the Regus App.

Having a flexible work space is a growing trend with results from the latest Global Co-working Survey showing that the number of co-working members worldwide is projected to reach nearly 1.2m in 2017 — up from 835,000 in 2016. Similarly, the number of co-working spaces globally is set to grow from 11,300 in 2016 to 13,800 in 2017.

Mayhew says the trend to co-working was initially led by start-ups, but more and more companies of different sizes and from different industries are exploring the benefits.

“For example, in Amsterdam, companies such as IBM and Phillips are using co-working spaces to encourage innovation.”