RSA is happy to move on

5:00 AM Saturday July 1, 2017 Paul Charman

The former RSA property at 13-15 Bute Rd is destined to become a medical centre. Photo / Supplied

A win-win seems to decribe the recent sale of the Browns Bay RSA, says JLL North Shore commercial property specialist David Mayhew.

Following complex negotiations, Mayhew successfully brokered the $4.6 million sale of the property at 13-15 Bute Rd.

Browns Bay Medical Property Investments Ltd has bought the old RSA, with plans to establish a Medical Centre there.

This is expected to open in December next year, or early 2019.

Meanwhile, the RSA is to move to 784 Beach Rd, where it will join forces with other community organisations at the Browns Bay Bowling Club.

“Browns Bay Medical Property searched for a suitable property in the area for two years ahead of purchasing this site,” says Mayhew.

“However, due to the range or organisations involved the process became more complex than anyone envisaged. But that’s now history; almost all agree that this outcome suits everyone.”

The Bute Rd location is ideal for a medical centre and the former owners are thrilled it will continue to be of service to the community. Mayhew says.

RSA president Kerry Kay says RSAs were set up for veterans of World War I and World War II.

“But sadly, most veterans are gone now and the club environment has changed.”

He says the club’s big move represents necessary rationalisation following a decline in membership affecting the whole country.

“We did a survey which established that new drink driving laws, transport issues and better home entertainment facilities were all factors which led to less patronage at the club,” says Kay.

“We could see that over the past five to six years there had been a downturn in membership, and a fire in 2015 didn’t help.”

The RSA reviewed several options: Joining the Bays Club; introducing a new Auckland RSA business model; or joining with the bowling club. The last option was investigated thoroughly over 12 months, with Auckland Council supporting a feasibility study.

“We promoted the plan to sell Bute Rd to our members and received 98 per cent approval,” says Kay.

A spokesperson for the Medical Centre, Trudy Warin, says 13-15 Bute Rd will eventually be named Bays Health. “The centre to be established there will offer a range of high quality health services, with Browns Bay Medical Centre the anchor tenant.”