Dargaville livestock transport company

5:13 PM Friday August 25, 2017 Colin Taylor

The vendors are prepared to either lease or sell the office, workshop and yard at the corner of Beach Rd and Day St, Dargaville.

Roydons Mamaranui Transport, formed in 1964 and operated as a family business in Dargaville for the past 53 years, is now for sale.

ABC business broker Ross Barker says the business operates from the family-owned office/workshop and land at the corner of Beach Rd and Day St.

He says the vendors are prepared to lease the office/workshop/yard, or the prospective purchaser will have the right to purchase the land and buildings.

“This is a six-day-a-week operation, starting Sunday through to Friday, carting livestock, with some maintenance and cleaning on Saturday and most drivers averaging 60-70 hours per week,” says Barker.

“The wash bay and effluent holding ponds are based away from the office. All vehicles are parked at Beach Rd and Day St yard,” he adds.

Roydon Vallance started as a general carrier in the district, but it wasn’t long before he noticed an increasing request for the transport of livestock, so he converted all his trucks to be capable of hauling animals with removable crates.

There was no necessity to operate dedicated livestock trucks at that time, with flexibility being of prime importance.

“In 2007, when Roydon retired, Scott Vallance was appointed managing director and has built the business into what it is today, a specialist livestock transport company covering the North Island, but predominantly Northland and Waikato.

They have good relationships with most livestock transport operators in the North and several around the Central North Island.”

Barker says the company’s main operating system is a cloud-based scheduling system linked to the trucks through tablets.

Drivers input data which is returned directly to the office. “It’s a simple, efficient and reliable system,” he says.

“The staff comprises one administrator and 10 experienced drivers all of whom have sound industry knowledge - some having been with Roydons for many years.

“The fleet is made up of nine truck and trailers with two four-wheeler trucks, making a total of eleven units, all with livestock crates.

“Freight is mostly cattle with sheep and lamb making up the balance.

“Winter work incorporates bobby calf collections for two major meat processors, collecting around 25,000 to 30,000 calves per season.”