Big land block could help fill Tauranga’s housing needs

10:04 AM Wednesday January 21, 2015 Colin Taylor

Aerial view of 20.95 ha block for sale at 47 Adler Drive, Ohauti, Tauranga – defined by red border.

A rare big block of Bay of Plenty development land in Ohauti, about 10 minutes’ drive south of the Tauranga CBD, is to be auctioned next month.

“Tauranga is a growth area in need of additional housing and there is little doubt this property will be inside or beside the city boundary within a decade” says Jeremy Pryor of Bayleys Tauranga who is marketing the property for sale with colleague Craig Orr.
Pryor says the 20.95 hectare block at 47 Adler Drive could be subdivided into a small number of lifestyle blocks but the land’s higher value probably lies in its subdivision into smaller residential sections.

“One could suggest that the property would be purchased by people wishing to live in the country by the city with grazing and orchard income, settling into a comfortable three bedroom Lockwood home wrapped in north facing decks, with gorgeous rural, urban and coastal views,” he says. “But the obvious future for this property lies in its development because this is where Tauranga city is heading.”

Features that will be appreciated by planners include its sunny and sheltered position from prevailing winds; several small streams running through gentle gullies; and a pristine waterfall concealed in a vale of trees suggesting that a pretty rural walkway could be incorporated within a residential subdivision.

The property also shares a long boundary with the Kaitemako River which enhances its recreational possibilities. “An established greenbelt and some pine trees add further interest and options for the land’s “sensitive development”, Pryor says.

“Existing plans for subdivision of the land show the retention of a greenbelt and the stands of trees to underpin a semi-rural feel to a greater housing enclave,” Pryor says.

“In addition, many of the proposed sections have northern-facing aspects enabling them to capture the afternoon sun.”

He says the land is broken into two parcels referred to as Area A and Area B and has been designated to accommodate between 130-180 dwellings on average section sizes ranging upwards from 500 square metres depending on the final density.

Area A is within the Ohauiti Urban Growth Area, and is zoned for residential development – meaning it could be subdivided without Special Housing Area status.

Area B is a three hectare kiwifruit orchard and grazing property currently zoned for rural use which has been identified as a Future Growth Area in the council’s Regional Housing Policy.

21.01.15_47 Adler Drive, Ohauiti, Tauranga - the attractive Kaitemako River borders the property.jpg

The 47 Adler Drive property borders the attractive Kaitemako River and contains several small streams and a ‘pristine’ waterfall. 

Pryor says a council report, on a subdivision application for the inclusion of Area B within the Tauranga Housing Accord, has already indicated a positive outcome for the rezoning proposal.

“The consultation document notes that: ‘An initial assessment of effects on infrastructure has been undertaken and investigations show there is sufficient capacity within the existing stormwater, wastewater, water, and transportation network to accommodate the demands of development’.”

The Tauranga Housing Accord is an agreement between Tauranga City Council and the Government. The accord was established last year and allows for the opportunity to bring forward the timing of subdivision development provided that adequate infrastructure is implemented in conjunction with housing.

Tauranga City Council called for public feedback on the Ohauiti land inclusion application last year. The filing of responses closed in November and Tauranga City Council is scheduled to announce its rezoning decision for the land at a meeting on March 17.

The auction for the Ohauiti land is set to take place at Bayleys’ Tauranga offices a week later on March 25.

Pryor says interested parties will be expected to undertake due diligence between now and auction day. “The obvious final piece of that due diligence will be basing land values on two possibilities from the council’s decision – one, that the two blocks of land are included in the Tauranga Housing Accord; and two, that the two blocks of land are excluded from the Tauranga Housing Accord.

“Those two scenarios will have markedly different end results for the housing density of the land, and therefore as a consequence, the assessment of the land value will be markedly different.”

What’s on offer?

The property: Large Tauranga development block

Location: 47 Adler Drive, Ohauiti.

Agency: Bayleys Tauranga

Sales method: To be auctioned on March 25


  •          Area of 20.95 hectares.
  •          10 minutes’ drive to Tauranga CBD.
  •          In two parcels - Area A and Area B.
  •          Could accommodate 130 to 180 dwellings.

Could be subdivided into lifestyle blocks