Big South Island deer and cattle farm

2:43 PM Friday March 30, 2018 Colin Taylor

Stone Jug Farm, inland from Kaikoura, encompasses 1290ha which supports about 11,500 head of deer and beef cattle. Photo / Supplied

A big South Island deer and cattle farm is for sale as a freehold property and going concern business on the Inland Road about 30 minutes’ drive from Kaikoura.

Stone Jug Farm is a high-end 1290ha property, which supports about 11,500 stock units, says Shane O’Brien, rural and agribusiness specialist with Colliers International who, with colleague Richard O’Sullivan, is marketing the property for sale by deadline private treaty closing at closing 4pm on Thursday April 19. 

“Stone Jug is offered for a genuine sale as a going concern and has all the hallmarks of being a landmark farming opportunity,” O’Brien says.

He says the farm is well balanced with impressive production and performance credentials built on strong genetics and pasture development.

“This is a proven and highly-regarded farming location that also has the benefit of hunting, fishing and agri-tourism opportunities on the farm’s doorstep on the Alpine Pacific Triangle.

“Comprising well-developed flats that are complemented by about 200 hectares of spray irrigation, the land encompasses easy downs through to steeper hill country, all with well-developed access and a high standard of fencing. Stone Jug has an excellent farming history with a high standard of pastures and fertility, and over 100 hectares cultivated annually.

The farm comprises 59 main deer paddocks, two medium hill blocks, three native hill blocks and fiveriver terrace blocks.

True Commercial - Stone Jug Farm near Kaikoura - deer.jpg

The farm has 59 main deer paddocks with good all-weather access. Photo / Supplied

O’Sullivan said there is very good all-weather access to all parts of the property, allowing easy stock movements all year round. All the hill blocks and river terraces have good tracked vehicle access.

With the addition of irrigation, the property reliably grows large areas of productive grass species, lucerne and fodder crops annually. The developed 550ha and two fenced hill blocks are predominantly used for carrying all the deer, while the beef herd uses the back hill country.

“This reliability of feed and ability to rotationally graze all classes of deer stock means the property fully utilises the deer improvement genetics,” O’Sullivan says.

A large new homestead is about to be completed and there is also a three-bedroom cottage; workers accommodation; large deer and cattle handling facilities; and a full array of farm buildings.

O’Brien says deer farming is a relatively young compared to the rest of New Zealand’s agriculture. “Now entering its third generation, the first licence was issued in 1970. Today around 2000 farmers farm about one million deer, according to Deer Industry New Zealand and Statistics NZ.”

New Zealand exports an array of products derived from farmed deer including hides and deer leather and deer velvet. Germany is the biggest export market, followed by the US, Belgium and the Netherlands.

“With such a strong focus on the New Zealand deer industry and such a bright future ahead of it, Stone Jug is perfectly poised to take advantage of our growing international reputation,” O’Brien says.

He says New Zealand is the number one source of farm-raised venison worldwide and, with such an international demand, interest is expected to be strong in the well-known large deer farm.