Coopers Creek vineyard property for sale and leaseback

5:00 AM Saturday February 14, 2015 Colin Taylor

Aerial view of Coopers Creek vineyard property at 601 State Highway 16, Huapai – lower foreground.

The property encompassing Coopers Creek’s vineyard at 601 State Highway 16, Huapai in West Auckland, is for sale with a lease arrangement providing for the continued operation of the winery and vineyard by the current owners.

“Coopers Creek has been established for more than 30 years with this 9.3 ha site being the home of its leading export wine brands,” says Dwayne Warby of Colliers International who is marketing it for sale by deadline private treaty closing on March 19 unless sells beforehand by private treaty.

“The winery company wants to stay on as a tenant to enable Coopers Creek to maintain its existing winery and vineyards and to fund other projects,” Warby says.

“This will allow on-site activities to continue, including the popular summer jazz concerts, the tastings and the cellar door sales.”

The Coopers Creek brand is soundly established in both national and international wine markets selling 130,000 cases of wine in more than 25 countries annually. The company also owns 13 ha of premium vineyards in Hawke’s Bay.

“This is a very appealing opportunity for developers or investors,” says Warby.

“The zoning of the property in the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan is Future Urban. We expect its eventual use will be Residential but other uses are also possible under the Future Urban zoning.”

Warby says the lease back arrangement will provide investors with a solid holding income for several years. “We expect land values to increase as Auckland city draws closer to Huapai,” he says.

True Commercial - 601 SH16 Huapai, Coopers Creek vineyard - aerial with blue boundary lines.jpg

Coopers Creek vineyard property at 601 State Highway 16, Huapai – identified by a blue border. 

The Huapai and Kumeu area, which has household incomes well above the Auckland average, is recognised as a West Auckland growth area by Auckland Council and is undergoing rapid urbanisation.

Warby quotes a Statistics NZ forecast of a 21 per cent rise in the population living within 10 kilometres of the town in the next 10 years. “Auckland Council is investing heavily in its northwest area to facilitate Kumeu’s development as a metropolitan centre located 25 kilometres from the CBD that will support Auckland’s growing population as it expands westward,” he says. 

“We have already seen massive improvement in infrastructure and amenities, including the Westgate Centre that’s now under construction. The announcement of several Special Housing Areas in the vicinity signals further residential expansion in the next few years.

“Kumeu’s first major supermarket opened last year and a major Mixed Use town centre development of up to 20,000 square metres of retail and other commercial space, with around 150 residential units being considered just two minutes’ drive down the highway.

“It’s a good time to achieve an investment foothold withy the area really starting to boom. The new motorway improvements, less than 10 minutes’ drive away, have reduced travel times to the Auckland CBD and North Shore and area is set to become a well-connected Auckland suburb.” 

Dwayne Warby of Colliers International.jpg

Dwayne Warby of Colliers.