Funeral Services far from a dead-end investment

5:00 AM Saturday May 7, 2016 Supplied

Have you been dying to invest in some commercial property?

Why not consider the certain returns from the land and buildings housing Waihi Funeral Services?

The property containing Waihi’s only funeral parlour is now on the market for sale, having the additional potential to develop the town’s only crematorium.

The premises houses Waihi Funeral Services in a 260 sq m building. The property also comprises a 154 sq m three-bedroom brick and tile residential home built for the funeral director and his family. Both structures were built in the 1970s.

The wheelchair-accessible funeral parlour comprises two areas — the first being a large reception and administration area, two private viewing rooms for mourners to spend time with their dearly departed friends and relations, a consultation lounge where family members can discuss funeral arrangements with the undertaking firm, a casket display suite, a reception office, kitchenette amenities, and a wheelchair-accessible bathroom.

Meanwhile, the rear portion of the building houses a private family room and a chamber used for the preparation and embalming of corpses. The mortuary is served by its own shower and washroom amenities. The rear half of the building has its own separate entry off the main driveway — allowing for family members to enter and exit the premises discreetly.

TRUECOMM funeral parlour2(1).jpg

The casket display suite has internal access to the garage, so coffins can be inconspicuously transferred to and from a hearse away from public view. The garage is large enough to accommodate two hearses simultaneously to sustain efficient processing of incoming and outgoing corpses.

The Waihi Funeral Services land and buildings are being marketed for sale at auction on June 2 by Bayleys Hamilton salesperson Josh Smith.

Mr Smith said the property as a whole was currently generating a net income of $46,999 per annum. This consisted of $36,555 from the funeral parlour, and $10,444 from the residential dwelling. Both were leased by the same tenant.

“The freehold Devon Street premises is situated within Waihi’s industrial zoned precinct and has considerable potential for expanding its commercial activities. The industrial zoning and the availability of currently under-utilised land for example could allow a new owner, in consultation with the tenant, to develop a crematorium on site,” Mr Smith said.

“A survey has identified sufficient land for a crematorium to be built at the rear of the building, as identified in initial plans. “There are no crematorium facilities within the immediate Waihi area or even the Coromandel Peninsula — with the bodies of the deceased having to be taken to the nearest facilities in either Hamilton or Tauranga.