Glamour studio an attractive proposition

10:26 AM Tuesday September 16, 2014 Colin Taylor

A ‘glamour photography’ session in progress at She is You photographic studio.

She is You, a modern boutique makeover and photographic studio in Newmarket that specialises in glamour photography for women of every age, is being marketed for sale by Shelley May-Sturrock at ABC Business Sales for an asking price of $495,000.

“Owner, Sarah Stewart, has a young family requiring more of her time so thos business is for sale for the first time,” May-Sturrock says.

“The business was almost fully managed in 2012 and 2013 during Sarah’s maternity leave period and incurred higher staff costs and other expenses.. Now Sarah is back working the camera and has trimmed some expenses so she is on track for a $180,000 year-end profit.”

May-Sturrock says Stewart had a vision in 2006 which she turned into a very successful and rewarding business.

“Few women have ever had a professional makeover - let alone professional photo shoot - but over the last eight years She is You has captured the inner and outer beauty of thousands of women, making them look and feel amazing.”

She is You has a modern, fashion based approach to portrait photography similar to that seen in many magazines.

“This is achieved through a combination of carefully selected and developed poses which make the women photo subjects look fabulous, regardless of their shape, age and size,” May-Sturrock says. “However, the photographs are only part of the overall experience clients have. From initial contact with front desk staff through to the process of having their hair and make-up done, photography, post production, viewings and after sales support, everyone on She is You’s team has been selected and trained to provide a total customer experience from the heart.”

Conveniently positioned just 200 metres from the State Highway One motorway in the heart of Newmarket, the studio has undergone a $100,000 interior refit including the fitting of $12,000 antique doors sourced from India’s Rajasthan desert.

“The studio is beautifully decorated and consists of a large makeover room; separate room where the photography takes place; an office; bathroom, lunchroom and a gorgeous reception and waiting area,” says May-Sturrock. “However, there is loads of space to further develop this business.”

She says the business is ideally suited to “a creative woman with an interest in photography and a passion for nurturing and empowering women”.  It could also appeal to an entrepreneur who could drive the business and contract people with the skills to run the studio operations. “For a single working owner, booking one client per day means the working day is only around four hours long and the average client generates about $1500 in sales. Sarah has offered to fully train a new owner or contractors until they are comfortable with the processes and she is also available to contract back herself for a long term handover.”

May-Sturrock says the She is You’ brand has been developed and grown into a well-respected and trusted name that stands for quality, value and care. “It is also fully supported with proven management systems, processes and intellectual property unique to this style of organisation. The business comes with modern equipment, high quality products and established relationships with key business associates.

“To achieve the highest possible standards of presentation Sarah has invested heavily in creating a light, airy, and nurturing space that is both inviting and supportive to all the clients. “This is represented in the studio, on the website, in printed brochures, in the price-list and, most of all, in the ‘look and feel’ of the photographs produced.”

May-Sturrock says the success of the business has flowed from the application of a key business principle formulated by Stewart: ‘Love who you are, what you do, and the people you are with. The outcome will take care of itself.’

“This is the absolute reason why people should consider buying this business,” says May-Sturrock. “Many businesses are hard work and physically tiring, often providing an income that barely pays for living costs.. But this business is not hard work - in fact it is downright fun for the right person.

“Sarah works for just four hours per day for five or sometimes six days a week, which means there is plenty of time left for a social life. It is a business that offers the freedom to work around a personal schedule. 

“The financial rewards are very attractive and will entice business minded people, but it also offers the personal satisfaction of being creative and touching so many lives in such a positive way that is often not so obvious in other businesses. This sale offers a buyer the rare opportunity to take over an excellent studio with proven systems and to enjoy a truly rewarding lifestyle.” 

True Commercial - She is You Photographic - client receiving make up.jpg

A client is expertly made-up ready for a photographic session at She is You Photography. 

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