Hudsons Coffee seeks Kiwi franchisees

2:52 PM Friday June 1, 2018 Paul Charman

A Hudsons Coffee outlet in Melbourne’s Highpoint Shopping Centre. Photo / Supplied

Hudsons Coffee, one of the most recognisable cafe brands operating across the Tasman, has begun a search for Kiwi business partners.

Until now Hudsons Coffee has not been quite as well recognised within New Zealand, admits Link Business sales broker Dru Mackie, who is promoting franchise opportunities with the company.

“But that’s about to change,” he says. “Firstly, because it is owned by Emirates Leisure Retail, a subsidiary of the high-profile Emirates Group, which intends giving its already successful brand a massive push during Team NZ’s America’s Cup defence in 2021.

“And secondly, because after opening its 100th store in Australia, Hudsons Coffee is focused on the next phase in its growth plan, which is attracting master franchisees in New Zealand.”

Mackie reckons he can almost hear the groans of, “Oh! No! Not another coffee chain”. But adds that many folk just fail to grasp the scope and scale of the global coffee trade.

“Coffee is the second only to petroleum as the world’s most sought-after commodity,” Mackie points out.

“It is a $100 billion industry, and with more than two billion cups being consumed on the planet every day, there’s room for not just one but many additional chains of stores.”

However, Hudsons Coffee is not pitching the opportunity for people to join on the basis of the sheer scale of the business.

“Rather, we’re out to attract high performers because Hudsons Coffee has shown it can out-perform its rivals in this competitive business, through a premium and consistent coffee experience and superior service.”

Mackie says the company has a 20-year track record of success in Australia, where it has a particularly strong presence in airport departure lounges.

“Think of it, the 1.8 million Australians who travel to New Zealand each year are already well used to visiting a Hudsons Coffee outlet when they fly.

“What a natural thing for them to continue the Hudsons Coffee experience in New Zealand while they are here, let alone the thousands of Kiwis who will soon be developing a taste for this company’s superb coffee experience.”

He says in Australia Hudsons Coffee has been embraced by its customers in a range of environments, including central business districts, regional areas, hospitals, airports and shopping centres.

The company is now looking for New Zealanders with a passion for coffee, the work ethic to run their own business and the determination to succeed.

Stores established here will be supported by a dedicated operations team, a learning and development team, marketing and food departments.

Hudsons Coffee Australia will be launching the much anticipated Hudsons Coffee app in the second half of this year.

The app will launch with a refreshed Rewards programme, order-ahead-functionality and pay-by-phone, so effectively the app becomes the consumer’s digital wallet . . .

“Hudsons Coffee strives to be ahead of the game in terms of digital innovation, so as to satisfy ever-changing consumer behaviour,” says Mackie.

The company offers in-store customer service programmes, backed by online training. Policies and procedures are designed to provide the confidence and the skills required to make a great cup of coffee every time.

Hudsons Coffee is a franchise business with all franchisees selected and approved by management, in a supportive environment.

Training programmes provide all the learning time and practice needed to give every employer the confidence to do more and strive to maintain the highest standards, even during heavy traffic and customer flows.

It is an equal opportunities company, with franchisees drawn from diverse backgrounds, underpinned by their shared passion for coffee.

Mackie adds that store fit-outs use quality materials and designs are award-winning.

“Attention is paid particularly to customer flow and Hudsons Coffee is widely regarded as the innovator and leader when it comes to high volume, high-paced environments.”

Mackie returns to his original point, that Hudsons Coffee has the strong backing of a powerful owner.

“In 2009, Emirates Leisure Retail Australia (ELRA) — part of the high-profile Emirates Group — acquired Hudsons Coffee,” he says.

“Focussing on hospitality, leisure and retail concepts, ELRA has expertise in franchising and working efficiently with business partners in high traffic locations round the world.

“So, very soon in the America’s Cup village don’t be surprised to see Grant Dalton and Blair Tuke sipping their lattes in Hudsons Coffee cups.”