Platina Jewellery in Milford Mall

6:29 PM Friday March 15, 2019 True Commercial

Platina Jewellery has a prime position in Milford Mall. Photo / Supplied

ABC Business broker Lester de Vere is selling Platina Jewellery, which operates from leased premises within Milford Mall.

De Vere says that, having traded as the mall’s sole jeweller for more than nine years, Platina comes with a customer base that has proved both loyal and local. 

“This store specialises in popular fast-selling international jewellery brands, along with unique one-off handmade pieces created by their master jeweller.

“Before setting up at Milford the owners spent a lot of time travelling throughout New Zealand and Australia, to visit high-end stores selling wholesale watches and jewellery.

“From this research they saw the opportunity to open ajewellery store with plenty of modern flair. 

“The timeless fit-out of this 64sq m retail space at 53A Milford Shopping Centre, reflects the owners’ interior design and building skills.” 

As well as making fine jewellery, the store continually stocks the best of what Europe has to offer, says de Vere.

Jewellery includes rings, pendents, necklaces and earrings, while watches are repaired, batteries changed and rings cleaned. 

The store also re-threads pearl necklaces, provides valuation certificates and does small repairs on-site.  

De Vere says Platina’s success at repairing a wide variety of jewellery — including platinum, gold and silver products —  has been a key reason why it generates so much in the way of repeat and referral business.

There is also a remodelling service for existing jewellery,where gold and stones can be recrafted into a modern piece. 

"When it comes to custom-made pieces, the business has a reputation for delivering exactly the outcome desired andwithin the budget provided. 

A remarkable foundation has been created for a new owner to come in and build upon,” de Vere says.