Protective coater offers regional licences

5:00 AM Saturday August 12, 2017 Colin Taylor

Protective and rejuvenating Nano-Clear is applied to numerous surfaces across the marine, transport, marine, architectural and industrial sectors. Photo / Supplied

Eleven new regional licences across New Zealand, including four in the Auckland area, are being offered by Nano-Clear NZ – a fast expanding manufacturer and applicator of a permanent clear coat protection that is six times harder than paint.

Nano-Clear can be applied to an extensive number of surfaces across the transport, marine, architectural and industrial sectors.

“Tested to last for at least 10 years, it can’t be washed or scrubbed off,” says business broker Greg Dunn who, with fellow Waikato-based ABC colleague Graeme Finch, is marketing the 11 new regional Nano-Clear licences.

 “The product dramatically improves surface protection and significantly reduces the cost of ongoing surface maintenance to a wide range of materials,” Dunn says. “The product rejuvenates colour and gloss to faded and oxidised surfaces – giving long-term protection against ultra-violet rays, corrosion and solvents. It also withstands chemicals, scratches, chips and abrasions.”

He says the product is applied using specialist equipment by fully qualified applicators who have met and achieved the training standards of Nano-Clear NZ Ltd.

“Surfaces that Nano-Clear can applied to range from family cars to fertiliser trucks; aluminium joinery and garage doors to bathrooms and kitchens; from commercial signage to heavy machinery; family boats and launches to helicopters and planes.”

Finch says Nano-Clear’s patented polymer technology was developed in the United States and was thoroughly tested over a period of 12 years before being made commercially available through a network of qualified and approved international licences.

True Commercial - Nano-Clear director Geoff Pridham and company vehicle.jpg

Director Geoff Pridham is seeking to build a dynamic team of regional distributors throughout New Zealand. Photo / Supplied

“Nano-Clear NZ was purchased by its director Geoff Pridham in 2015, with his business holding the exclusive rights for the product covering all New Zealand, Australia and eight Pacific island groups,” he says.

“Nano-Clear NZ also owns the manufacturing rights for these areas with a plant now being set up and tested. Manufacturing will commence soon, but in the meantime, product is imported to New Zealand, from the United States through an exclusive supply chain.

“Geoff is now looking to create a dynamic team of regional distributors who are energetic and able to seek out the opportunities,” says Dunn. “Successful applicants will need to be driven to succeed, have the ability to coordinate an extensive portfolio of customers, and manage their own product applicators.”

Finch says Nano-Clear NZ has already sold regional licences in the past 12 months in Taranaki, Manawatu, Wairarapa, Bay of Plenty, Northland, Hawkes Bay and Otago.

“Nano-Clear wishes to continue its expansion and has engaged ABC Business Sales to assist in the sale of new ‘greenfield’ licences in the following regions and at various asking prices,” says Finch.

They are: Auckland North $240,000; West Auckland $275,000; East Auckland $255,000; South Auckland $250,000; Waikato $250,000; Upper Wellington $190,000; Wellington City $165,000; Top of South Island/Westcoast $150,000; Canterbury $195,000; Christchurch $255,000; and Southland $105,000.  

Dunn says each of the regional models have an exclusive territory and the new licensed owners will manage all inquiries and sales referrals within their areas, along with recruiting their applicators.

“Each area is clearly defined and bordered using postcodes and/or natural boundaries,” he says. 

“There are no on-going fees under this distribution model, with successful applicants being required to sign a Regional Licence and Supply Agreement.

“Applicators are trained in the application of the product in the field, and can be either individual contractors or employees of the regional licence holders – or a mixture of both.”

As part of the purchase price regional licensees will be supplied with a start-up package valued at over $60,000, which includes 240 litres of Nano-Clear products valued at over $120,000 retail; applicator packs encompassing spray guns and protective clothing; operating manual, branded marketing materials and ongoing licensee support.