Snowplanet seeks on-piste associates

8:06 PM Friday December 1, 2017 Colin Taylor

Greenfield sites for tenancies front the access road and are left of the car park of Snowplanet at 91 Small Rd, Silverdale. Photo / Supplied

Silverdale’s Snowplanet north of Auckland - New Zealand’s only indoor skiing and snowboarding dome - is seeking complementary entertainment tenants to occupy facilities it will custom-design and build for them immediately adjoining the popular centre.

David Mayhew, leasing manager for JLL, which has been charged with finding suitable tenants, says onsite businesses like a cafe and restaurant have already been successfully integrated into the complex.

“Now Snowplanet is looking to create a dedicated Entertainment Precinct, to provide a wider range of recreational options,” Mayhew says. “A creche is already signed up and will open on the site in March 2018 and negotiations are underway with a major entertainment operator to open at the precinct in the latter half of next year.”

Mayhew says Snowplanet purchased a large land area of 14ha at 91 Small Rd, Silverdale, on which to construct its big climate-controlled sheds and year-round ski slopes back in 2005.

“Now five tenants are being sought for purpose-built facilities that will be constructed by Snowplanet and leased out long-term on the substantial and surplus flatter land adjoining the access road and car park. Likely sizes of buildings required by tenants could range from 1000sq m to 2000sq m but developments outside this range of sizes might come along and be considered – including the potential site for a hotel.

“The long-term aim is to have Snowplanet and its future neighbouring entertainment partners, form a major amusement destination hub for North Auckland - like Rainbow’s End provides in South Auckland.”

Mayhew says there are an estimated 1.4 million residents within 50km of the Snowplanet site, which equates to an estimated 30 per cent of New Zealand’s population.

“We are seeking occupiers who will work well in conjunction with the core Snowplanet business and assist in driving a wider variety of visitors to the site throughout the year.

“Due to the site’s easy access just off Auckland’s Northern Motorway and the size of the property itself, there is potential for onsite accommodation to be included in future.

“The larger the development, and the wider the range of uses that evolve on the site, the greater the potential for having onsite accommodation. At present, hotels in the area are limited in numbers so this is a definite possibility further down the track,” says Mayhew.

A wide variety of prospective tenancies suggested on a masterplan include: an ice skating rink, a waterpark, live escape games, indoor karting, ten-pin bowling, mini-golf and foot golf, clay bird laser shooting, paint-ball, archery, a maze and gymnasium.

Rojie Aguilar, general manager for Snowplanet says the long running, successful business recently won the Supreme Business Excellence Award for 2017 at the Westpac Auckland Business Awards - North.

“The leasing campaign that JLL is running presents an opportunity for fellow entertainment businesses to position themselves alongside our facility,” Aguilar says. “There are many opportunities for ‘cross pollination’ across a dedicated entertainment precinct that could be an asset for the North Shore community along with wider New Zealand and international visitors. Having a range of entertainment facilities onsite will help to grow our critical mass and cement the precinct as one of New Zealand’s key entertainment hubs.”

Mayhew says Snowplanet is keen to actively invest in the expansion of its existing indoor facility.

“This presents opportunities for incoming businesses to position themselves immediately next to an internationally renowned operator and to become part of an entertainment destination,” he says.

Tom Barclay, JLL’s associate director of research and consulting, says entertainment centres tend to be located within population growth nodes. “Snowplanet, being based in Silverdale, is set to see substantial growth in population given the huge level of greenfield residential development which is planned in the region. 

“When looking at international case studies of indoor ski facilities, given their critical mass, they have the ability to support a range of other uses to service visitors,” Barclay says. “We anticipate the benefits of leveraging off the location and profile of Snowplanet, should prove attractive to a wide range of entertainment occupiers.”

Mayhew says the site is zoned for General Business use, and all the necessary amenities and services needed will be provided to long-term tenants by Snowplanet.

“Our job is to ensure the tenants coming into the precinct will a good fit and comprise a diverse mix to broaden the range of visitors to the entertainment centre,” he says. 

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David Mayhew, JLL